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General information

How is a book about created? And what are the conditions?

You are providing us the text in a word or notepad file.
English text can be redigated by our partner (journalist) in Malawi.
We are going to make the interior and the cover.
The cover is a process between author and designer, most of time we make the cover in max 10 designs.
When everything is ready we are going to publish and send you one proof book to feel and smell.
After approval we are going to publish the book and it will be available on Amazon.
The final book can be ordered trough the publisher for cost price to sell by yourself.
We publish/print on demand, that means quantities can be 1 ore more.

100% of profits are going to you when you sell the books yourself. Think of a launching event.
When the books are sold on Amazon the royalties are shared 50% for author and 50% for BFI foundation.
Once a year we will send a report of sold books, most of time books are sold by the author.
Before starting with the book we ask a commitment fee of 175 euro / 125 GBP.
This Fee will be used for projects of Butterfly Foundation International.

Our work is volunteer work, we want to help the author and the needy people in Africa at the same time.

Coördinator of Butterfly Publishers International is Berend van der Weide from the Netherlands.
Boardmember of the Butterfly Foundation International.


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