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Chicken4life is a part of the Butterfly Foundation.

One of our aims is helping others by entrepreneurship, next to fundraising.
We are starting our first chicken farm in Lundazi Zambia and Mangochi Malawi.

Help us helping with adopting a chicken by donating 5 dollar, 5 euro or 5 GBP
We are going to use your donation for our chicken project.

10% of the profits are going to a local church near the Chicken farm.
Church members are volunteering on the chicken farm.
90% of the profits are gong to albino support projects:
– body protection: sun cream, sunglasses, caps.
– security: personal alarm system, motorbikes and smartphones for police officers
– education: building a special secured school
– income: supporting on agriculture projects like farming, maize, pigs and chickens.

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Fundraising activities:

The Netherlands – Dalerpeel


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