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Bakers4life is an initiative of artisan bakery kolkman and pastry, with affiliates in the village of schoonebeek and the city of Emmen, Holland, Kolkman exists already for over 65 years as a family business.

Help African villages

Bakers4life aims to help African villages to set up simple but good and sustainable bakeries as a new business and to create new jobs. Bakers4life also wants to teach others the best treats to bake bread and pastries from the locally available raw materials.

Together with the Foundation Transporty4transport, Bakers4life wants to set up a delivery system for bread and pastry with Malawi build bicycle carts. This creates a network of mobile bread sellers who can cover a large area and earn their own living .

Bakers4life provides the knowledge and the support, the villagers have to build the bakery themselves.
The first bakery project supported by Bakers4life has been built in Mthumba Village, southern Malawi, Balaka district in the winter of 2012.

Goals Bakers4life

A self supporting bakery, a local baker with fresh products from its own local resources. This contributes to the liveability and greater independence of Malawi villages. A bakery is a kind basic facility to a village. Not everyone has to bake his own bread anymore, so does the bakery for the village. A bakery makes profits by selling baked goods and generates new jobs for its employees.

Setting up Village Bakery

Bakers4life helps in setting up village bakery and rows in the training of bakers to work with locally available raw materials for the best loaf of consistent quality.

Bakers4life also helps with finding new technology to heat ovens in a more efficient and sustainable way with the use of natural, renewable energy sources like the sun or to minimize the use of wood. Bakers4life stimulates the local entrepreneurship.


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